Precision Seeding Solutions are farmers on the Liverpool Plains, Northern NSW providing world class reliable planting equipment & technology for precision planting.
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2 Meter Harmony
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Mechanical Products

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Monitoring & Cloud Systems

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Control Systems

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Used Planters For Sale

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Precision Seeding Solutions is your Premier Precision Planting Dealer for the East Coast of Australia.  We are here to help increase your crop yields by increasing plant germination and improving singulation, by adding Precision Planting products to your existing or new planter.  We care about the performance of your planter.

If the sight of even germinating seeds even plant populations, no skips no doubles in field excites you then you should have a good look at the Precision Planting products available on this site.

These products are designed by farmers for farmers, real people that understand how important it is to achieve the best possible result first time, every time.

The Research and development that has gone into these product is second to none, these products allow you to do the following: Prepare properly, Plant consistently, Singulate precisely and Monitor carefully, to allow you to gain the best results from your planting. These Precision Planting products will work for you whether you are designing the planter that best suits your farming practises here in Australia or you want to fit your existing planter with the best technology on the market today, Precision Seeding Solutions will be be happy to supply and service you so you can maximize your farming dollars.

Precision Seeding Solutions supplies and services Precision Planting products along the East Coast of Australia with the support of our sub-dealers Aaron Frizpatrick (Griffith and surrounding districts) Rasmussen Brothers Engineering (Dalby and surrounding districts)  Highlands Maintenance and Fabrication (Emerald and surrounding districts).


Cotton at Whitton, NSW

Canola "Clearfield" at Whitton, NSW

Chickpeas at Premer, NSW

Precision Planting technology is being used to plant all summer crops including Sorghum, Cotton, Sunflowers, Mungbeans.  Also winter crops such as wheat, canola and chickpeas were planted in 2017 with good results recorded.