Over the last 12 months PSSAG has been utilising a completely in-house Precision Planting system to  control fertiliser bins , this year and moving forward we are excited to be controlling/monitoring trailing and mounted air carts through the Precision Planting 2020 monitor. This opens up a whole new space for the Winter crop planter who’s seed cart is ground driven or has an existing hydraulic drive setup.

It seems like the majority of air cart and ISOBUS controllers on the market have very limited information about the aircart and may sometimes be not the most user-friendly. This information is often displayed in a separate run screen that hardly gets seen by the operator. Precision Planting have always been very good at presenting information and controls in a useful and user friendly manner.

By installing a small hydraulic motor on each seed bin on the ground driven air cart the 2020 monitor is able to take control and deliver variable rate and a complete seed distribution map showing how each individual seed outlet from the seed tower is performing. This also acts as a complete blockage sensing unit at the same time.

We have noticed this year a large variation in seed distribution out of seed towers, sometimes close to 100% difference in the amount of seed passing down each individual hose to the row unit, this is due to different length hoses, length of hose travel, type of seed hose, slightly kinked hoses and even seed towers leaning slightly one direction.

Watch this space to learn more on how the Precision Planting monitor can become your sole winter/summer operating platform.