From Little Things Big Things Grow.

For a lot of our clients their attention will now be turning to summer crop planting /planter maintenance and improvements. We all have different goals, expectations, conditions, and requirements when it comes to planting. Precision Planting has developed Planting Systems that meet these differing needs. From simple seed monitoring packages to fully blow SRM controlled based systems we can cater for any one clients particular planter needs.

As an example, for those who do not have any reliable in cab seed monitoring they could benefit greatly by one of our simple Seed Monitoring Packages such as seed sensors and a Monitor. This will give you row by row plant populations and singulation. The monitor can be used as a great diagnostic tool for your own planter to find any faults as they occur and be able to fix them in field as they happen. You then have the option to build on this package with other Precision Planting products as seasons/finance permits.

To describe the variety of installations we do here at Precision Seeding Solutions, last week in the field saw the

  1. Installation of Precision Planting vSet Classic meters and vacuum systems on a Kinze planter.
  2. Installation of Seed Monitoring system that included the fitting of a monitor and seed sensors to a planter whose owner had no visibility in their tractor cab of what their planter was doing.
  3. Installation of SRM system that included Delta Force, vDrive and vApply controlled by a 20/20 Gen 3 Monitor to a used planter.

So if your wondering where to start or whats possible, call the team at PSSAG and they can talk you through the process and discuss suitable affordable options to enhance your planters performance.