The  2020 winter crop planting has been challenging to say the least for growers, the wet conditions surely tested the longevity of farmers snatch straps. Minimising downforce compaction in these trying conditions is an especially important factor that can affect plant germination greatly. Most air-seeder downforce control have only one setting across the entire machine. Precision Plantings “SeederForce” automatically adjusts downforce requirements on sections or rows of the planter. This system can be easily retrofitted to most planters that utilize a “rockshaft” for downforce requirements including the John Deere 1890, 1895 planters.

SeederForce uses a load cell on the row unit of the planter to measure the amount of weight applied to the gauge wheel. If one section of the planter is behind the tractor and needs more force to penetrate through wheel tracks, it gets that weight without the wing sections having to have more force applied to them.

When SeederForce is installed on your planter, you not only get automated control of downforce, but you get visibility of seed distribution as well. Now you know if there are rows on the planter that are not planting correctly and catch those issues before they cost you money.