The team at PSSAG have patiently been waiting in anticipation of the arrival of Furrow Force units that have been in Beta testing for the last 2 seasons in the USA at Precision Planting this season there were 800 run across the US in all soil types and conditions. We received our first batch of 40 units recently and we have been out in the field installing them on several of our clients planters. First up results look very impressive and the closing units ability to incorporate moisture into the seed trench and seal it consistently could possibly be the answer to all your closing problems.

Typical conventional style opposing press wheels more often than not push dry dirt back on top of the seed and leave the seed trench uncovered in tough conditions. Growers often find themselves having to drag a chain behind the unit to cover the seed trench, this chain , although improving trench closure is also hiding a poor closing job by the press wheels.

Furrow Force uses a unique system to close the trench in two stages, the Pinch wheels are set wider than traditional systems and move soil horizontally to remove all air gaps in the trench , this zipper effect allows no dry surface dirt to be incorporated in the closing. The second stage is where the rubber stitch wheels create proper soil density for moisture retention and quick uniform germination. The stitch wheels have a load cell attached that measures the weight carried on them which also allows in cab adjustment manually or Deltaforce like adjustments reading 200 times per second and reaction time 5 per second. This will be a game changer for some farmers and give insurance that if and when conditions are tough they will have the tools to get the crop out of the ground.