GBGI: Grow With Us!

Custom Engineered High-Performance Agricultural Solutions – a stronger, more robust design for your agricultural products.

Gauge Wheel Arms


Durability, precision, and reliability in every planting season.

Gauge wheel arms, proudly manufactured in the USA at the GBGI on-site workshop.   Committed to utilizing only top-tier US materials, GBGI has engineered each wheel arm to have the most durability. Recognizing the gauge wheel arm’s critical role as the primary wear point on planters, GBGI have conducted extensive testing to ensure unparalleled sturdiness and reliability.

This commitment translates into an arm that not only endures over time but also significantly reduces downtime during planting season.  Choose GBGI for our gauge wheels to experience unmatched durability, precision, and reliability in every planting endeavour.

Parallel Arms


Unbeatable quality engineered for enduring performance, ensuring row units remain securely grounded while standing the test of time.


The parallel arm boasts a strategic design wherein the inner bushing, composed of a lighter material than the outer counterpart, bears the brunt of wear, simplifying replacement considerations for users.

This thoughtful construction facilitates swift and hassle-free maintenance, minimizing operational downtime.

Key features include:
– Construction from high-strength steel and robust ductile iron.
– Equipped with a shoulder bolt for precise bushing alignment and longevity preservation.
– Enhanced with fine threads to optimize clamping effectiveness.
– Incorporates a precision-machined, hardened inner bushing engineered to serve as the primary wear point.


**We have in stock Short Parallel arms, DeltaForce ready and non-DeltaForce arms, and Wupper short Parallel arms.


Heavy Duty Cast Opener Assemblies


Field Tested,  Proven Tough.

GBGI’s heavy-duty cast opener assembly, proudly manufactured in the USA, offers a durable solution that surpasses standard equipment.

Engineered for longevity, GBGI’s heavy-duty cast opener assembly features an enhanced ductile iron bearing, cast and machined in the USA, alongside a robust steel blade and a premium PEER double-row sealed ball bearing.

Say goodbye to costly downtime and optimize your annual yield by investing in our heavy-duty cast opener assembly.

Key Features Include:

– Large rivets that prevent shearing under an increased load and speed

– Precision machining that helps minimize runout

– Solid steel press fit dust cap that ensures all the bearings are protected from dirt and debris

Stronger and more efficient agricultural products for your farming practices.