Does the ability to see seed blockages in your winter crop planter as soon as they occur and being able to eliminate a lot of time actually stopping the planter to visually inspect seed tubes sound interesting to you?

From individually blocked seed hoses to full seed head blockages or planters simply running empty of seed we have all seen the end result similar to these pictures.

In most scenarios dry runs are only found when the rest of the crop has emerged. Generally, then you are faced with the following scenarios.

  1. The machine (planter) needed to rectify the problem is a on a different farm or possibly hundreds of kilometres away.
  2. You have not got any matching seed variety left to plant the unsown areas.
  3. If missed areas are hidden from view and not found they become a haven for weeds.
  4. When resowing missed areas, the maturity is often weeks behind at harvest.
  5. Prior chemical application either pre or post can pose issues when replanting weeks after the initial plant.

By installing Air Seeder Blockage Sensors on your winter crop planter, you will have full visibility across your planter using a monitor you are already familiar with in your cab. On your monitor you will be able to watch the relative flow of grain through each planter head through the individual sensors fitted to each row.

You will also be able to watch the flow out each seed tube on the Dashboard Mini Chart that is set up on the bottom of your home screen on the monitor.

If you would like to know more regarding  what is involved in setting up your winter crop planter for blockage monitoring please contact the team at PSSAG.