This planter started life with Precision Planting Vdrive and a Gen 2 SeedSense monitor when purchased new a few seasons ago.

In an aim to reduce potential compaction and increase germination Alec & Jeremy went one step further last season and fitted DeltaForce and FurrowForce.  This planter now has the capability to close the seed trench effectively when environmental  conditions may be working against you. This season a new Gen 3 20/20 monitor will be controlling the planter giving the operator unsurpassed ability to monitor and control individual row units ensuring best possible emergence and plant stands.

The team at PSSAG would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Pengilley family for donating the Sunflower seed for our PTI farm at Inverell. Our PTI field day flyer will be out soon so watch this space.


  • Gen 3 20/20 monitor
  • Vdrive
  • Delta Force
  • Furrow Force
  • 16 row

Alec & Jeremy Pengilley
Blackville, NSW