As growers finish planting their summer crop and are about to unhook the planter and send the tractor onto its next job , the following couple of points will help ensure your planter can perform at its best next season.

  1. Remove seed plates from meters and give the meter a quick blow out with some air. Removing the seed plate ensures the vacumn seal doesn’t stay compressed for a long period of time and helps it maintain its flexibility. Blowing the meters out will discourage vermin from entering the seed meter looking for food.
  2. Leave the planter raised on its stands if you have seed firmers attached. This prevents the firmer from staying in a prolonged bent state. Alternatively you can remove the seed firmers prior to storage.
  3. Download any required information from monitor.
  4. Consider spreading mice bait around planter if you anticipate mice/rats being a problem.
  5. While it’s still fresh in your memory , note any problems/issues you had during the season or parts/upgrades you require before the next season.
  6. Flush all Vapply and Flowsense systems with water to cleanse lines/modules.
  7. Drain cleansweep/furrow force compressor tank to remove any condensation.
  8. Remove seed from hoppers so as not to attract vermin.