The Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation recently investigated the agronomic value of precision planting technologies with winter grain crops.

You can read the Full Report here.

Take home messages

  • Precision planting improved the uniformity of crop stands and often allowed reductions in plant density without loss of yield.
  • Potential benefits will be greatest in crops with high seed input costs.
  • Grain yield responses to precision planting have been variable in project trials to date and suggests adoption of the technology may not be warranted based on crop yield response alone.
  • Growers using precision planting in winter crops have often struggled because of lack of technical support and have reported variable benefits, but they have provided recommendations for adoption of the technology and field operation.
  • Precise and smart seeding technology is evolving rapidly with air-seeder based transitional options becoming available, which may allow a more practical and cost-effective pathway to greater planting precision