AirForce 1C

Downforce Control.

Instantaneous and automatic increase or reduction in down force as needed.

AirForce continuously adjusts the applied down force to changing soil types by changing the pressure in your air bags as conditions and hopper weights change, so you maintain proper depth.

With Airforce you can go from this…


To this…


AirForce means automatic control.

Root zone compaction is caused when there is excessive down force applied to the row unit during planting. That compaction cuts yields by:

  • Reducing germination rates and lowering plant count
  • Increasing plant stress reducing ear girth and length
  • Stressing plants at pollination during dry years with hot summers
  • AirForce Delgrange Shallow Seeds

    AirForce Delgrange Shallow Seeds

    AirForce Hatchet Root

    AirForce Hatchet Root

Until now you probably have had no way to measure the amount of weight carried by your row units . . . and no way to increase or decrease weight for each soil type and tillage condition.  A lot of the time planter downforce is set at the start of the season to ensure correct depth in the tightest soil on the farm and that’s where it stays for the planting window.  Even in the most even of soil types if you are getting correct depth in your harder soils you are probably putting a lot of extra compacting down your side walls in the softer areas of your farm, these softer areas are possibly where you need your correct downforce the most to achieve your full yield potential.

20/20 AirForce lets you not only take control of your downforce by giving you a pressure reading it adjusts the pressure automatically as you travel through the field giving you your desired depth control without even getting out of the cab.  Even when moving field to a completely different soil type 20/20

AirForce automatically measures and manages your downforce to make sure you run as light as possible while maintaining consistent ground contact to ensure the best environment for your seed with no fuss at all.


SeedSense includes smart pins that measure the weight on the row unit and calculates the amount of excess weight that could be removed while still maintaining full planting depth.

AirForce takes the information from SeedSense and uses air to automatically increase or decrease the weight on the row unit. The row units will now run as light as possible . . . with just enough weight to keep the row units proper depth.

The  20/20 airbags have lift or lift and down air bags that will take excessive pressure of your gauge wheel. They will bolt on where your existing airbags are or we can supply a bracket kit to fit most makes of planters.