vDrive 1C

Control and Accuracy.

vDrive® for vSet® delivers even more precise population with greater simplicity.

Powered by 20/20 SeedSense®, the electric vDrive® system brings single-row control to your vSet meters. It enables incredibly precise population control on curves, when your ground speed changes, and with all variable rate prescriptions – even highly granular FieldScriptsSM.

vDrive® is the way of the future it’s so simple, cost affective and maintenance free you cant go wrong.

Precise and Smart.



It’s incredibly simple, too. Its 12V electric motor controls each row individually. This one tool replaces the hex shaft, chains, sprockets, drive wheel/hydraulic motors, clutches and VR controller – and eliminates the maintenance they demand. If you are building a planter from the ground up or your existing planter is outdated and the drive system is in need of some serious maintenance think of the flexibility this drive system offers you. Simply remove your entire drive system (or don’t add it if you are building up a planter) add the best meter on the market       V-set with V-Drive electric motor and you now have a Variable rate planter with individual row unit clutches.

vDrive Schematic

No ground drive, No hydraulic dive, No chains, sprockets or gearbox’s. Think of the reduced ongoing maintenance and the simplicity of your planter with a simple wiring harness to drive your meters with precise accuracy, variable rate and row shut of, not by section but row by row as you cross over your headland or unsown areas i.e. roads

FieldView vDrive

From the new population algorithm, you’ll get high-definition population reporting. From the row-by-row target population control, you’ll get the ability to plant male and female seed corn plants in the same pass – without modifying seed disks.

Master your planting population while making it easy on yourself. Pair each vSet with a vDrive, and make the most of every seed in every foot of every field.

When planting on curves, vSet with vDrive maintains the prescribed population on each row. Conventional drive systems will plant too many seeds on the inside and too few on the outside.