BullsEye 1C

Solid Seed Placement.

Fix two big planter problems easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

Tungsten Carbide Tip.

Avoid wear due to the tungsten carbide tip this will give longer life to the tube and ensure the right seed placement year after year.

1. Seed Ricochet.
Even if your meters are singulating well your seed can hit the sensor on the way down, ricochet and cause poor seed placement. When ricochet occurs you get a familiar skip and double pattern normally caused by poor meter performance. The BullsEye Seed Tubes reduces these errors with a simple offset that moves the sensor out of the way of the seed path.

Here is what the seed tube error looks like in your field. Bulls eye seed tube rolloverThere is a gap where the slow seed should have exited the seed tube and a “double” where the slow seed and normal seed emerge about the same time. BullsEye Seed Tubes eliminate this costly problem by eliminating sensor interference.


2. Premature Wear
The BullsEye seed tube has a tungsten carbide wear tip that prevent the double-disk opener from wearing through the end of the seed tube. It’s a simple solution to a costly and readily occurring problem.

Bullseye Index Inset

The BullsEye seed tube on the right has 92 acres of use with no significant wear. The standard seed tube on the left was run in the same row unit as the BullsEye and is shot after just 16 acres. That little flap at the bottom of the seed tube can send seeds flying.


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