CleanSweep 1C

Clean From The Cab.

CleanSweep is a dual air cylinder that lets you set and adjust your row cleaners’ down pressure from the cab.

  1. Have heavy residue? Add more pressure to sweep away the debris.
  2. Have light residue or soft ground? Lighten the pressure and keep the row cleaner floating across the top.

Adjust your row cleaners from the cab with the CleanSweep Controller.

The air pressure comes from a robust compressor.

Clean rows, effortlessly.

Clean Sweep gives you on the go control of your floating row cleaners from the tractor cab, cleaning heavy residue from last seasons crop out of the way before your disks cut their way through.  Dragging stuble and debris down into your seed trench can have a dramatic affect on the germination and compete for moisture and nutrients, residue can also harbore pests that attack your seedlings.

If you currently run fixed row cleaners you will know how frustrating it can be to cleaners set at the right height, not to high so you don’t miss trash but not to deep so you create furrows.  The ground conditions are constantly changing furrows and ridges across the paddock makes it near impossible to get fixed row cleaners set right so they generally get set somewhere in the middle of the range.

Imagine how easy it would be to set the exact down pressure on floating row cleaners from the cab and see the results as you travel trough the field.  CleanSweep turns a nuisance job into a pleasure and you can even lift them up out of the way when not required all without leaving the tractor seat.

Cleaners are a great planter attachment for handling excessive residue during planting. They remove the plant debris and create a uniform seedbed; However, too light of setting leaves residue in the row competing for moisture and nutrients. Too heavy of setting tills and moves soil creating trenches and potentially alter planting depth.

Properly set row cleaners and floating row cleaners are ways growers could look to reduce these negative impacts, but conditions can vary greatly from field to field, day to day, even row to row. And, making these adjustments are time consuming. Thus, most growers set for the average and hope for good performance.
NOW, with CleanSweep, you no longer have to hope, but you can manage your row cleaner performance, from the cab, on the go.