DeltaForce 1C

Down and Lift Control.

Two directions of control plus a simple user interface — dominating down force like no one else.

By controlling down force, you avoid shallow-planted seeds and you avoid root compaction, which leads to greater yield results.

Row by Row control.

Delta Force works with 20/20 SeedSense and replaces the springs or airbags on your planter with hydraulic cyliners.  These hydraulic cylinder increase or reduce weight with military precision, on each row individually.

Therefore when one row encounters conditions different than another (wheel tracks, old raised beds, headlands), each row will adjust independently.

Load pins are added across the planter to sense the weight on the gauge wheels, so you get the right down force in the right place.


Bad root structure is a hidden loss.

With too much weight on your row units, you get compacted roots.
With too little weight, you get seeds planted too close to the surface.

But when your down force matches field conditions, you maintain
the right depth and create a just-right seed environment for
maximum yield.

DeltaForce enables just that, automatically & continuously.

Down force is the most common issue that goes unaddressed and mostly because there isn’t enough awareness. How much yield potential could you be missing out on?