FieldView 1C

Your field in High Definition.

Measure. Monitor. Control.

One Picture is worth a thousand… words, numbers, dollars.
The 20/20 SeedSense® captures and displays some of the most detailed information on planter performance. Farmers appreciate how the simple, intuitive design allows them to find and address issues with their planter quickly and accurately.

Field View Singulation

But the SeedSense® monitor only displays a running average of the information – a snapshot in time. Is the quick drop in singulation a blip on the screen or an obscure indication of a larger trend? With FieldView, you have an instant high-definition picture of planter performance. Every planter pass, every row, every foot of seed information is plotted on an Apple® Map. This unprecedented view allows operators to manage the planter with an entire “field view” of planter performance.

Plus, all of your field and planting data is stored on the iPad® tablet. So, now you have a mobile tool for the office and for scouting.