Keeton Seed Firmer

Firm and Stable.

Keeton® Seed Firmers. So simple, they simply work.

If you set your disk opener’s to a desired depth generally because that is were you want your seed to be placed, at the bottom of the trench not hung half way up the side wall.  How often do you have to set you opener’s a notch deeper to make sure you don’t plant shallow. Consistent depth control is the most important job of your planter. And even the best maintained planter can still have depth variation of 15mm or more.  Most of the time when Keeton® Seed Firmers instaled on a planter for the first time the opener’s need to be adjusted up to compensate for the fact that now every seed is down in the bottom of the trench in the moisture where it should be.

Keeton® Seed Firmers gently set seeds to the bottom of the trench. A thin piece of poly slides down the seed trench, trapping seeds as they exit the seed tube and firming them into the bottom of the “V”.

Keeton® Seed Firmers is the only device that can contact the seed for true firming performance.

The original poly seed firmer has:

  • the right kind of poly to hold its shape, withstand abrasive soil and keep the proper amount of tension over the seed.
  • the right “attack” angle to properly guide the seed to the trench.
  • the right shape to protect the “V” of the seed trench and to prevent plugging.

And the Keeton® Seed Firmers won’t collapse the seed trench and drag dry, chemical-laden soil in around your seeds.