Plant 2x FASTER.

Plant two times faster without sacrificing accuracy.

SpeedTube allows you to increase your speed and ensure spacing accuracy, while maximizing your planting oportunity. Designed with performance, durability, and ease-of-use.

SpeedTube paired with vDrive and vSet meter gives you the planter of the future.

The seed is controlled from the beginning to end.  From the meter disc to the furrow.  Feeder wheels at the top of the Speed Tube grab the seed from the disc and deposit it into a flighted belt that carries the seed all the way to the bottom of the trench.


speedtube diagram

More Acres, Less Iron.

Speed Tube was designed so you can plant faster without sacrificing yield.  The current seed tubes rely on gravity to move the seed down the tube.  However row unit and meters bounce can cause seeds to drop at different speeds which interferes with spacing.  The Speed Tube solves this problem by delivering the seed to the bottom of the seed trench in a controlled environment.  As planting speed increases, seeds increasingly bounce and roll in the trench.


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