vSet 1C

Higher Yield Higher Accuracy.

The vSet meter:

.• the best singulation available
• outstanding reliability
• easy to maintain
• easy to use

99% Singulation is possible.

Choose higher accuracy, more flexibility and longer life.

Vset features a flat disc with a single vac setting.  The flat disc is designed with special pockets that load the disc completely.  With the use of a five lobe, spring-loaded singulator working to remove doubles from both top and bottom – making it impossible for two seeds to occupy the same hole on the disc.  Therefore allowing a single seed to lock in and drop down the centre of the tube- enabling optimum spacing.

Vset can be added to your existing planter, by bolting the vSet meter  right where you removed your old Deere or Kinze meter, add a vacuum kit and you to can take your old planter to become a planter that can achieve 99% singulation.


vDrive Insecticide