YieldSense 1C

Simple Harvest Data.

Simple Yet Accurate.

YieldSense, is Precision Plantings yield monitor, it is the most accurate and easiest calibrating yield monitor on the market.  YieldSense only requires one calibration load.  YieldSense uses a patented elevator paddle and flow sensor that accurately measure grain flow.

Harvest = Planning for the future.

With YieldSense you can see yield data as it happens in your header, or from anywhere ie your office or kitchen table using an iPad.  You can also share yield maps and swath control with other headers in the same paddock.

If you planted with the 20/20 SeedSense, then you can create real time side-by-side maps – yield and as-planted – as you move across the paddock. You can make meaningful comparisons across yield zones, hybrids, fertilizer levels and more.  Allowing you to make better decisions for the future.