We got a call last Friday morning from a farmer at Carrathool near Griffith in the Riverina.

They had  planted 80Ha’s of a  field to cotton. The hills in the irrigation beds were very soft. The planter was flattening the hills during the planting process which would then in turn create an uneven sowing depth and cause problems with watering and future crop husbandry operations.

Recognising this problem instantly we knew Delta Force would solve this issue. Delta Force replaces the springs or airbags on your current planter with hydraulic cylinders and load cells that measure how much weight is being carried on the row unit gauge wheels and keep it consistent by only applying enough downforce to maintain 100% ground contact.

We loaded the required parts into our 182 Cessna. This plane is part of our fleet of service vehicles, we can land it on most properties with airstrips or an adequate length of suitable long road.

We worked across the weekend and had him planting again on Sunday. This time leaving the hills intact for great root emergence and an even germination. He will most likely replant the initial 80 hectares.

The client already had Vdrive fitted to his planter so the Delta Force fitout was a simple plug and play installation into his existing monitor and hardware.

Get us in early to set up your planter for precision planting. Precision Seeding Solutions is your Premier Precision Planting Dealer servicing Australia and New Zealand. We stock a comprehensive range of Precision Planting Products and have full Vdrive (Electric Drive) and Delta Force Systems in stock ready to fit to your planter. Fitting can usually be completed in a little over a day.

We are here to help increase your crop yields by increasing plant germination and improving singulation. Whether your planter is new or old we can definitely help you out.