For a lot of growers this year winter cereal stubble residue will pose some challenging issues for the first time in a couple of seasons when planting the 2021 summer crop. Stubble is KING as in an ideal world most would agree that planting the summer crop neatly between two rows of cereal stubble on a full profile of mud is giving you the best possible chance of success.

Standard row cleaners are tedious to set up, rarely do we talk to clients who like taking the time to adjust row cleaners and many admittedly will let the row cleaners run incorrectly instead of taking the time to adjust them. This can be costly as residue then becomes hair pinned and dries out the seed trench or soil is ploughed out of the way when they block.

Precision Plantings “Cleansweep” system allows you full adjustable control of your row cleaners from inside the cab. The air operated cylinder controls a floating frame allowing the treader spiked wheels to follow the contour of the terrain applying as little or as much pressure as you like. With the flick of a lever inside the cab they can be lifted out of the way when not needed.

Cleansweep can be fitted to all double disc planters regardless of configuration and is a standalone product that can be fitted to planters without any Precision Planting Products installed. Owners of the new Precision Planting Gen 3 monitor can operate cleansweep through the monitors interface.

So whether you’re at Gunnedah, Griffith, Goondiwindi or Growing fibre/grain on the Darling Downs, if you think you may have stubble issues this year give the team at PSSAG a call before it becomes a real sticking point.