The pathway to high profit yields starts with accurate singulation and placement of every seed.

Simply filling a hopper full of seed and sprinkling a scoop or two of product across the top is not an effective way to initially coat seed and seed meter mechanisms. Lubricant needs to be applied directly to the planter seed box and mixed evenly with the seed to increase seed contact and seed coating.

Well dispersed and well mixed seed lubricant is a very important aspect of achieving accurate singulation and placement of every seed.
Remember, talc is a drying agent, whereas graphite is a lubricant. Graphite will disperse while talc needs to be well mixed.

Precision Seeding Solutions in alignment with CSD developed SYNCHRONY 746 which is a customised seed lubricant developed for Australian farmers to aid the effectiveness of the planting operation and improve the uniformity of seed placement.

While the SYNCHRONY 746 blend was specifically developed for cotton it has also shown significant improvements in seed uniformity and establishment in other crops such as corn, sorghum, mung beans, and peas.

SYNCHRONY 746 can be applied directly from the bottle via a screw on dispenser cup that provides ease of consistent measurement and limits physical exposure.

Synchrony 746 is distributed by Cotton Seed Distributors Limited to most agricultural retail outlets.