Planter Inspections


The Research and development that has gone into these product is second to none, these products allow you to do the following: Prepare properly, Plant consistently, Singulate precisely and Monitor carefully, to allow you to gain the best results from your planting. These Precision Planting products will work for you whether you are designing the planter that best suits your farming practises here in Australia or you want to fit your existing planter with the best technology on the market today, Precision Seeding Solutions will be be happy to supply and service you so you can maximize your farming dollars.

Planter Inspection & Maintenance Service

PSSAG run a on-farm comprehensive Planter Post-Season Inspection service.  This assessment will ensure when the rains come your planter is ready to plant next season.  Well used planters may be suffering from excessive parallel arm bush wear or worn discs.  Its most important that when the time is right to plant your planter will function at 100% of its ability ensuring seed placement and population is correct.

During our Planter Inspection we will conduct the following.

  1. Check w bracket for cracks and loose U-bolts
  2. Check parallel arm bushes for wear
  3. Check shank and seed tube guard for wear, cracks.
  4. Check downforce system – springs, airbag, hydraulic.
  5. Check seed hopper for cracking at mounting points, latches set properly and at correct tension.
  6. Check meters for wear -singulator, brushes, extractor, vacuum, seal, disk.
  7. Inspect seed tubes for wear and test functionality with multi tester.
  8. Remove gauge wheels and discs to measure disc openers for wear and bearing status.
  9. Check gauge wheel clearance, socket arm bushing wear & mud scraper wear.
  10. Inspect drive system chains, shafts, sprockets, bearings, gearbox, tyres – (will be assessed without disassembly to the best of our ability)
  11. Inspect closing system wheel bearings, wheel wear, tail assembly bush wear.
  12. Vacuum system check of tubing, hoses and gauge calibration. This will be assessed visually only – not in operation.
  13. Planter harness inspection.
  14. Optional on farm testing of meters in addition.
  15. Check Row unit alignment.

From PSSAGs inspection – parts will be replaced, repaired or adjusted – if required.  Parts and labour costs will be itemised on your invoice.

If your planter is fitted with a Precision Planting SRM based system, we can discuss options to suit your needs outside of the above planter inspection. This may include health checks and software upgrades.


+ Removal of gauge wheels on row units may require additional charge if seized.

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