360 Yield Centre

Taking a 360-degree view of key yield-limiting variables and developing new ways to course-correct for better results.

360 Y-DROP


More Bushels, Less in Nitrogen.

360 YDrops lets you wait for your final application so you can adjust rates to match the crop’s needs.  Wet. Dry. Ideal.  You supply only what the plant needs – protecting yield potential and reducing overall nitrogen costs.


Timing and Placement Matter. 

Optimize Corn Yield Goals with 360Y-Drop   

360 Undercover


Target Pests and Disease at the Source.

Traditional methods often miss the base of the plant, but our innovative system covers the underside of leaves, offering precise coverage in crops like corn, soybeans, wheat, and more. Don’t let diseases like white mould and pests such as spider mites undermine your yields. With features like easy integration with the 360 Y-DROP system, customizable spray patterns, and a protective shell design, 360 UNDERCOVER ensures effective in-canopy positioning and application throughout your crop’s development stages.


360 Yield Saver


Dont Let Yield Fall Through The Cracks.

Designed to reduce loss in two ways: cushioning ear impact to minimize butt shelling and capturing kernels with intermeshing bristles. This innovative system significantly cuts header loss by up to 85%, showcasing a potential return on investment of over 75% after three years of use. With features like angled bristles for enhanced kernel capture, easily replaceable brush blocks, and durability even in harsh corn head environments.

360 YIELD SAVER offers long-lasting performance and substantial financial benefits. Experience a smart investment that pays off within the first season and continues to deliver savings for years to come.

360 Soilscan


Measure Nitrate Levels To Maximise Nitrogen Efficiency.

Achieve fast and precise soil insights with 360 SOILSCAN, a portable system providing accurate nitrogen availability and soil pH results within five minutes right in the field. Tailor your nitrogen application based on yield goals, crop growth stage, and soil organic matter levels.

Built for the field, this durable and portable system operates from your Ute or ATV using your iPad. Its rugged case shields it from the elements, ensuring functionality in challenging conditions. Experience the convenience of on-the-go soil testing for informed and efficient farming decisions.

360 Wave


Enhanced Seed-Trenching Closing with Rapid Starter Uptake.

Boost corn emergence and yields with 360 WAVE, a groundbreaking tool for optimal seed placement. Ensuring uniform emergence by gently enveloping seeds with moist soil, it minimizes slotting and air pockets across various seedbed conditions. The angled blade not only enhances trench closing but also delivers starter below and to the side of the seed, 

360 Dash


Boost Starter Performance While Cutting Starter Costs.

Revolutionize your liquid fertilizer application with 360 DASH, delivering a concentrated dash directly over the seed, eliminating less efficient starter between seeds and maximizing the benefits at a fraction of the cost. Compatible with various starter application tools like 360 WAVE and Keeton Seed Firmers, the 360 DASH valve integrates seamlessly with the AgXcel pump system, ensuring uniform pressures and filtering. To simplify setup and control, utilize the 360 DASH App on your iPad, allowing you to customize the length and position of the dash – whether on, between, or next to the seed. Upgrade your precision and cost-effectiveness in liquid fertilizer application with the comprehensive 360 DASH system.

Empower your farming success by integrating 360Yield products into your practices.