Yetter Farm Equipment

Yetter with over 88 years expertise, they lead the agriculture industry in designing effective and innovative equipment for residue management.

Twister Closing Wheels


Even Emergence.

Twister Closing Wheels play a crucial role in promoting uniform crop emergence. By disrupting sidewall compaction, these wheels effectively seal and compact the soil around the seed, eliminating air pockets and ensuring optimal seed-to-soil contact. This results in earlier germination and improved overall crop performance.

Have both complete poly wheels, or just ring only option in the poly wheel.

Twister Cast Closing wheel also available.

Spoke Planter Gauge Wheel


Plant with confidence and efficiency.

The Spoke Planter Gauge Wheel from Yetter offers a solution to the common issue of plugging in traditional closed gauge wheels during less-than-ideal planting conditions. Available in 3″ x 16″ and 4.5″ x 16″ widths, these wheels feature an open-wheel design that allows soil and residue to flow through the spokes, reducing downtime spent on cleaning. With a durable cast iron hub mounted to steel rims and three bolts per spoke, the wheels handle high load capacities. They serve as a direct replacement for standard factory OEM gauge wheels, ensuring easy installation, maintenance access, and boasting a semi-pneumatic rubber wheel with a snap ring design for straightforward bearing replacement. This innovation ensures more efficient planting operations and minimizes interruptions.


Short Floating Row Cleaner


Yetter residue managers clearing the path to higher yeilds.

Elevate your coulter tillage and residue management with the Floating Row Cleaner.  This shark tooth row cleaner boasts a floating design that ensures a smooth ride for the row unit while adeptly handling changing field conditions. Offering versatility, it can be adjusted to float and follow soil contours or locked down to efficiently navigate through tough residue. Compatibility with the Precision Planting CleanSweep® controller adds precision control to the equation. 

Elevate your farming success by integrating Yetter Farm Machinery products into your practices.