This week saw a few of our clients begin their winter crop planting program. Faba beans are going in the ground in the north while canola is being planted in the central west.

The PSSAG team were anywhere between Hillston and Goondiwindi this week fitting new monitors and winter crop monitoring systems. We have been very impressed with the Precision Planting winter crop monitoring system, the sensors have been able to pick up the slightest discrepancy in seed flow through towers even to the point of being able to sense the difference in air flow restriction between ribbed and smooth seed hose.

Initial observations from clients who fitted winter crop monitoring systems to their planters are suggesting they didn’t realize how big an impact seed hose length, routing, and correct plumbing had on uniform seed distribution.

Watch this space as I’m sure there is a lot to learn on how to get the “precision” into broadacre while also giving the operator a greater level of comfort knowing every single row is functioning as it should be.